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QuestionDid the matchmaking get worse?

Okay, so I saw a tweet starting that apex doesnt work with normal sbmm but instead, it compares the hours you played AND the money you spend on, all is supposedly, taken from EA public information. Now, a dev said tha the game doesnt have that implemented, but I honestly think its utter bullshit. I have played since week 1 and havent spend a dime In the game, and I get teammates level 100 at best. While of course the champ is a pred... This didnt happen to me at all past season, i got teammates even better than me, but in this one? I feel like now I cant solo Q because I always end up dying alone, or my team gets downed hella fast (now, im not saying its entirely my teammates fault dont get me wrong, everyone was a noob and we should help them to get better, that said.... I should get teamed up with people of my same level, it ruins the experience for all to have 1 level 5, a level 100 and a level 500+ in the same team)I wanna know what some of you guys think about it. Do you have the same experience as me, or im just an unlucky bastard?

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DigitalxDong Beginner 21d 1 Selected Score

I'm too lazy to read all of it but the game is fun lol

Buraly Beginner 23d 1 Selected Score

Whenever I solo Q ranked or Casual, I get idiotic ppl. I'm not a pro myself but I have a lot of hours in this game (nearly a 1000) and I could onky reach plat 4 this split. I get former preds, masters as enemy, now diamonds, my team is sometimes even gold. I don't understand.

FDAL00709 Beginner 23d 0 Selected Score

Look, from my experience, this change was only made in season 6. Its so drastic! I ont mind preds when i get Teams that are my level y know? I also play ranked but its still an issue (if it even is an issue)

Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 23d 156 Selected Score

It personally doesn’t matter to me because I play with a friend. Though, I typically only play ranked because that’s where I try the most. In the normal battle royale mode, I don’t really play because they’re basically the same, but one has ranks. I play ranked because it fits better to show where my skill level is, while as the battle royale just throws people in. I don’t really get the problems you get because again, I play ranked. I have not played ranked nor apex in a while since my friends don’t play it much.


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