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QuestionShould Mira get nerfed?

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Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 1mo 161 Selected Score
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Nerf in what way? Nerf the Vector? Give her one mirror instead? No mini shotgun? No nitro? In which way should she be nerfed? Mira herself gets banned because of her gadget. That’s the only speculation you can probably get from her bans. The gadget is strong because it’s one sided. The only nerf I can see her getting is that she can only have 1 mirror. In that way, it is even more valuable to put it somewhere important. Then again, it is a big nerf since it’s literally only one mirror. Since Mira will only have 1 mirror, it’ll be useless since multiple characters can counter her. What makes her strong is that she has 2. If 1 gets taken out, you still have a second one. In conclusion, Mira does not need a nerf. Especially since Zero just got released.

Bomby24 Beginner 1mo 4 Selected Score

Nah I'm a kapkan main and Mira is my second main but her vector really needs an upgrade but yeah she doesn't need to be nerfed.

Egirl~Bean Candidate Master 1mo 84 Selected Score

No she isn't op

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Nah cuh


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