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QuestionNeed good valorant player from gold and up.I belong to at least diamond but stucked in silver.SEA sv

gamer431400881 4mo 173 read


Cpl.TXM Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

I can use an alt to help if I Belive you deserve a higher rank my main was plat 3 went on a loosing streak.

DaveTRG Beginner 2mo 6 Selected Score

My besz eank rhis season was gold 1 but i got idiot teammates (solo q) and deopped down to silver one , im into a losing streak now so im sorry but im kot gonna euin your gameplay.

Chas taks walls Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

Hey i was gold 2 last act but i get shit teammates and im now silver 3 if ur down to play add me Chas#Bae

StepSister❤ Grand Master 4mo 3,257 Selected Score



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