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QuestionR6 zofia

How do I control her recoil and what is the best way to play her

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Pull down Best attachment holo , flash hider , angled grip Fairly straight recoil just bend your wrist instead of pulling down if your burst firing as play style always go with a finka or lion but impressively zofia and blitz combo is godly just find yourself a blitz main knowing what he's doing but for solo long wing counter will do your job just attack from opposite site where everyone is attacking break the wall or toss a concussion and vala 3k guaranteed

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Wanna play some r6 gamer tag Njjsniper im on ps4 btw

Legochini Moot Master 1mo 219 Selected Score

But if you haven't find your sense i do agree with the dude holo vertical and muzzle break but it moves alot horizontal

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For zofia u think that she should be like ash---RUSH MINDLESSLY But no- for zofia u want to think your way around ur opponent and use her gadget to her advantage. If ur having trouble controlling her recoil just use vertical grip and muzzle brake and consider using holographic as well


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