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QuestionHow to get gud

A year ago I would hit platinum every season but recently I've been getting worse my highest rank last season was silver 2

GreenDog 1mo 75 read


Juice Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score
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Basically yeah practice like everyone says it took me a few days to find my perfect settings and then to see what operator’s I’m best with so just practicing and playing games can help you improve no matter how stressful it might be just keep going

BeanBoi Candidate Master 23d 84 Selected Score

Ya dont

Santa _Claus Beginner 1mo 7 Selected Score

Get good that how u get good gotem Also u have to aim down ur sight

SoraXasen Beginner 1mo 10 Selected Score

So Terrisot Hunts and Improve on your Aim find your Sentivity and Dpi, make it around 400-800Dpi because that's what all people used who want get better and Top Siege Gamers

Laurelene Candidate Master 1mo 75 Selected Score

Practice, practice, practice.

Pink Tachanka Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Well you get gud

AirialBot Beginner 1mo 12 Selected Score

Maybe you just aren’t good anymore. It’s not an insult, it happens. I use to kick ass in MW2 and 3, but earlier last year I tried getting back into it for 7 months and I just never could.


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