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QuestionWhat’s your favourite champ? And why? 🌝

I’m a very curious person, so I wonder about what’s your favourite champ in League. Mine’s Riven. I’m currently 600k with her and I’ve never felt like a game was bored while playing her. I’m not even quiet sure why I like her so much, I guess I just find her the best match for me when playing.

Aurora. 1mo 60 read


Stussy Beginner 1mo 13 Selected Score
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It has been and always will be Talon

Spnfan157e Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score

For me its sylas because when you play you feel overpowerd #op

RoyJoe02 Beginner 10d 0 Selected Score

Nunu is my boy and always will be

FakeRyan Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Ekko, I am a one trick and I love to play him. Ifu know how to position your self its gg

alisa Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

at the moment ivern!! he's just super therapeutic to play lol even though i still have learning to do with him

Gategangster Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score


SK Kage Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Zed or bed

Terroriser Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Bugah cause he makes the greatest plays


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