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QuestionFor the plats to champions on consoles

How can I get as good as y’all? I’m decent at least at the game

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Schöner Albtraum 1mo 64 read


GreenDog Beginner 1mo 3 Selected Score

Like other people are saying keep playing but don't stop playing I was plat II 2 seasons ago but I stopped playing for a few months and I do dropped in skill

Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 1mo 159 Selected Score

Depends on what you call “decent”. I’ll tell you now. It is way easier to get to platinum 3. The road to plat is nothing. To stay IN plat is hard. You can tell how much sweatier people are in plat 2. If you want to actually get better, there is a bunch of ways to get better. It just depends on what your weakest skill is. If you think you have Gunning down, then it’s easy paths to get better. For the rest of us that are not naturally good at gunning, we get better by improving the other skills. Droning, communication, adapting, thinking, map knowledge, flexibility, and etc. If you’re gifted at gunning, then you got an easy path to get higher. If you’re good at gunning, then stop trying to improve when you have the other skills to improve on. Your gunning skills won’t matter if you don’t win.

GNKD诶 Beginner 1mo 5 Selected Score

I'm unranked rn but i got to plat 1 last season anyway I'd say get your aim better and try to always adapt to the situation um have a good team, make some good strats with them,map knowledge, always try 2 predict what your enemies gonna do based on their play style and u can predict some1 movement in a gun fight but it's really hard

Kakashi Hataka Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

The more you play you will get better and learn new things that’s how I got better


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