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QuestionShould i get wamai or melusi ?and why?


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Depends on what your team comp. if you play with a stack of at least 3 and have actually strategies, then Wamai. But, it doesn’t matter. Melusi is the way to go for both solo queuing and stacking. Her gadgets are strong and you want to make good use of her banshees. When people see the banshee, they got 3 choices; 1. Run away and find another way 2. Waste utility getting the banshee. 3. Running in and destroying it. Or they can just leave it, but that’s just dangerous to do. Melusi is a good overall operator. She can roam or anchor. A well placed Jager could protect the banshees as well. In consulate especially, where a garage take is popular and putting banshees near yellow and garage is a good strat to slow down the pushes. Essentially, you’re putting mud down, and they’re stuck in the open. For wamai you have to stay alive, but that’s hard if you’re playing in a certain position without an ads.

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