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QuestionWhat’s your opinion on lesion?

minigeek08 1mo 38 read


Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 1mo 159 Selected Score
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My two cents on lesion is that he’s a good operator. He’s all around good, he’s good if you’re solo queuing. His gadget is strong. It triggers a distinct sound too, and you can easily hear where the needle went off. It also good for stopping rushes and slowing down pushes. His T-5 smg is good; it even has the 1.5x which seems nice. The gun itself shoots pretty fast, and has good damage to go with it. It even has pretty easy recoil also. His pistol is ok, since majority of the semi-auto pistols are the same. He has impacts and a camera(?). I don’t know about the camera one. He has impacts also, so he can make rotations. The camera is kind of eh, since he has his needles unless he’s holding a room hard, and needs a camera some where else, where he’s not watching it.

Juice Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

All out good operator! His smg is amazing! His mines are very helpful when clutching 1v5s and he is extremely good if you have a squad and pare him up with the right operators he can be very broken.

Zeblgaming Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

He is good i aced with him


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