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QuestionShould I get multiplayer or Modern Warfare wait for Cold War

I really want multiplayer but cold war is about to come out and I don't want to get both. Which one should I get?

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Hmmm idk. Cold War definitely is going with a different approach with this one, it’s more slow down. The thing is, when you get Cold War, you’ll also get the campaign too. If you haven’t seen the modern warfare campaign, that’s also a different.

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Somehow I do prefer modern warfare maybe bc I missed the whole franchise of black ops (didn’t play COD after MW2 for ten years) but Cold War looks nice I think when u like warzone the graphics and so on u should try the multiplayer and campaign of mw

AlbeTank. Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Cold war gameplay looks like Bo4 so if you like that then get coldwat

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Bro I'd wait for cold war my g

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