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QuestionWhy do you like R6?

Just curious

zBasilisk 1mo 37 read


attaboy2003 Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

I love R6 for the fact that it is a competitive FPS experience that I am able to play with my friends and have a great time.

HenryM408 Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Cause it's more fun with friends

Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 1mo 159 Selected Score

It’s also a team-based game.

Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 1mo 159 Selected Score

I like R6 because it is a Tacticsl FPS, it should be a tactical game with an FPS aspect to it, but it’s fine. It awards the people who hold the angles and have great cognitive skills. If you struggle in one aspect, like Gunning/kills you can in retrospect, improve something else to counteract the lack of Gunning. As of right now, majority of the player base, base off skill by the amount kills you get. If you lose, they’ll blame the bottom fragger because it is easier to blame someone else. Siege is a game that is a mix of skills, communication, flexibility, adaptability, knowledge, Gunning, positioning, and etc.

R2D2Barni Beginner 1mo 23 Selected Score

It is really fun but you can play comp in it if thats what you want, and it has a recruit in it that kills any1


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