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QuestionAnyone wanna make a squad ?

Ight I need a squad of homies. I ain't tryna play with kids so you ATLEAST gotta be 16. I play like everyday all day with a dude I know well and we pretty chill, it's just so mf BORING asf just playing the 2 of us so we looking for people who ain't constantly busy and is funny asf. Look I dont want to just play with ANYONE so ima interview you like you tryna get a job 😂😂 cuz listen if I play with the first person who responds and it turns out I dont like you I ain't trying to be a dick and stop playing with you after we already played a few matches. But YAH that's about it.

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lol I hope I’m not to late. A squad sounds fun tbh I never be in a squad. I’m lowkey antisocial but chill at the same time. But I would love to talk to other people for ones, I really don’t have any friends. But u sound coo🙂 Oh yea I’m 15 & a female is that okay with u?

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This season lowkey sucks

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Fortnite trash


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