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QuestionWho do you main on siege? <3

I main Cav and nomad :)

Softy<3 9d 41 read


Cameron Guile Beginner 4d 0 Selected Score

Sledge and Rook which I have elite skins for both.

Rackum_X Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

Use to be spetsznaz recruit

FenixCastle Beginner 7d 1 Selected Score

Dokkaebi/zofia attack frost/Valkyrie defense

FRTassassin Beginner 8d 21 Selected Score

Wanna get good? Main recruit till people start rage quiting and toxicitiesing you then go for maining an operator

Kribbe D Krabb Beginner 8d 0 Selected Score

Bandit/Warden and Sledge/Jackal

W4FFLETW Beginner 8d 4 Selected Score

Mute and maverick

Xx_hypergamer_xX Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score

nokk ace and valkyrie i have her elite also

Hi_therr_sir Beginner 9d 7 Selected Score

I main lesion and sledge

Booty eater Beginner 9d 1 Selected Score

أنا أكره الزنوج وأكره اليهود وأكره الشيكس والعرب أيضًا

StepSister❤ Grand Master 9d 3,262 Selected Score


CrypticEglaf Candidate Master 9d 120 Selected Score

I don’t main an operator, I play Flex most of the time. I do have a lot of time in Hibana and Vigil tho, so... 👉👈

Frostbite_Gaming32 Beginner 9d 1 Selected Score

Jager thick ass


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