QuestionWhats the best gun in your opinion?

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Ump dp 28

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M416 or AWM

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Ok, my humble opinions here, don’t kill me. Pistol: The equivalent to the G18(I forget what it’s called in game) SG: S1897 AR: Mk47, M416, or AKM SMG: MP5K or Uzi LMG: MG3, hands down. SR: I don’t get them often, but I think the M24 or Kar98K DMR: SLR or SKS Crossbow: Crossbow Glock 18, hands down. High rate of fire that will give anybody with max volume tinnitus, what’s not to love? Trench Gun just for the fact that is can keep up the fire, but with the damage of the double barrel, very powerful if aiming for the high chest area. ARs are powerful in general. Though the MK47 is godlike, it is pretty hard to find, but when you find it, oh boy, it’s great. M416 is easier to find, with a higher rate of fire than the MK47. Think of it as a hybrid between a DMR and a SMG. Uzi for point blank, plain and simple. The recoil is so high there’s no point in ADS. MP5K I would say has some better range, and I would definitely run that along side of a sniper. MG3, terrible iron sights, but at this point it doesn’t matter because by the time you aim you’re either dead, or who you shot at is dead. Its slow rate of fire is good for laying down cover fire for a squad to flank, high rate is to recreate D’Day. SRs are probably rarer than DMRs, so I’d just take a DMR so you aren’t targeted. SR base ADS is pretty bad, especially on M24. SKS and SLR shred, you can use the interchangeably. And crossbow is crossbow. There, I hope that helped!

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A full auto assault revolver with a high capacity magazine

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The PP is the Best gun it shoot liquid a rapid speed😁

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The dooblea shotgun

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My favorite is the pew pew one

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The one that goes bam bam