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What’re the best ways to make money solo and with friends? I know about collector and I do that but I want other ways to make money as to be fair collector will get boring after a while and I want something to switch between while still earning money I have got hours of play time so I don’t mind what I’m doing as long as it’s good money at the end of the day (I am level 20 in all roles except naturalist)

Abbie Rocks X 2mo 37 read


Thy_Corgi_King Beginner 1d 0 Selected Score

I started off with Etta Doyle bounty, she's easy to farm and wait for about 20 mins after capture to get max amount of money. Then I found collecting, naturalist and moonshining are great ways to make money whilst your trader is making produce. Whilst collecting you can also grab samples of animals around too Basically $1000 collecting 4 full sets $650 Trader $225 Etta Doyle Bounty $175 Moonshining $100 - $400 Sampling

LeeeroooyJeeenkiiins Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

Usually their most recently released “Specialist” add on is the best way to farm... like the collector... I think the survivalist dropped not too long ago but I haven’t looked into it too deeply yet. I’d assume doing the missions and collectible side quests for that would be the best method of farming money. I’m not sure if they fixed the Collector payout rate with this last patch or not but... finished collections were DUMB easy to farm...


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