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QuestionWhat Guns Are The Best?

What guns are the best? I’ve been looking for a while and have just little to no idea I’ve bought a lot of guns but not one of them really do much for me. Same with pistols and revolvers they don’t do much as I intended they’d do. Just wanting some suggestion on what to do as I’m at a loss.

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It depends on what you’re doing. Here’s my list of weapons for general use. (Also I play story, not online, other people are gonna say other things.) Revolver: Cattleman Revolver or LeMat Pistol: Either Volcanic or Semi-Automatic. Repeater: Lancaster or Litchfield Rifle: Bolt Action and Carcano Shotgun: None of them are better than the others, though the DB is definitely below the others. I think the cattleman is best for regular carry. Just walking on the open roads or strolling in a town. LeMat can be used as this, but it more for close quarters. However I rank the Cattleman over the LeMat because the LeMat can only be found in San Denis. Pistols depend, long range one hits or spamming? Semi auto for spams, volcanic for stopping power and range. Repeaters goes to the Lancaster, at least for me. A balance between power and fire rate, and just a fine weapon in general. Bolt action is good, very good for hunting. I’d say it’s better than the Carcano, except the Carcano can get a long scope, a big game changer in some aspects. They both outweigh each other in some way. Shotguns? Semi Auto Shotgun with slugs turns it into a semi automatic rifle with about as much punch as probably a litchfield. Pumps probably work best with Dragon’s Breath(fire shells). The repeated shotgun can really be used for anything, but regular shells work. The DB is outranked because of its capacity, but still good, especially with explosive slugs and slugs. Right *brushes shoulders,* that oughta do the trick.

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I don't play that game but the gun I like is the minigun


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