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QuestionWhat’s the best operator on siege?

From my preference it’s smoke or doc on defending and nomad or lion for attacking ( just wanting to see if I should try out some more ops )

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If I were to give you an honest answer, without my personal opinion right now its Blackbeard for attack and Kapkan on defense, both of these operators have extremely powerful gadgets and guns while also having crazy win deltas Kapkan is able to secure picks without even having to think about it and blackbeard is able to challenge angles that nobody else can giving enemies something completely different to worry about

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There isn’t a “best” operator. All operators can be amazing depending on how they are used.

dragonlos 360 Beginner 3mo 1 Selected Score

Lesion still OP

Geokui Beginner 3mo 2 Selected Score

I've played this game for years and can tell you there is no 1 perfect OP operator on either side. Operators might be strong in a certain meta but each has their strengths and weaknesses. Just find one you like and get practice with them.

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Well there is none i can show you actual pros who plays with recruit that can imaze you in no sec


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