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QuestionWhat is the worst operator and why

BigBrainBaiken 3mo 47 read


Legochini Moot Master 3mo 221 Selected Score
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There is none if you use them right

Egirl~Bean Candidate Master 3mo 84 Selected Score

Clash. Not fun to use, ability is dog shit if used by someone without experience with her, and when you have experience with her it's really sweaty and annoying.

Axis.Jay Beginner 3mo 2 Selected Score

Ela, Clash or Lion. Ela her guns recoil is not great and her gadget is kind of annoying if it’s triggered next to you. Clash, she can do damage to you while relating information to the enemy team. Lion he has almost literal wall hacks , and it’s just annoying to play against him in some maps where your sights are in different floors.

AwfulLEGO Man Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

On my last response I said blitz had a great weapon I meant to say bandit did with the mp7.

AwfulLEGO Man Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

Worst operator from the ability side is probably blitz but he has a great weapon. From annoying point of view it's probably jackal or dakkebei. I know dakkebei is a strange choice but it's so annoying when your holding an angle and your phone rings or she hacks all the cameras and you are constantly being spotted

Emily W. Beginner 3mo 1 Selected Score

Clash for sure. And the reason is. I mean, it’s clash. She sucks


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