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QuestionWill "Fall Guys" make it or break it?

What are your thoughts on it? Will it die off after the YouTube & Streamer hype goes away, or will continue to spike like the early days of Fortnite?

Inferno Baade 5mo 61 read


Dreamsy Beginner 5mo 2 Selected Score
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The only way it will survive is if it has a rotation of game modes with new and old ones being brought back or in the game. It will get way to stale if not.

Micro_pop boy Beginner 5mo 2 Selected Score

Fall guys is one of thoughs games that get boring the more you play it like l know all games are like that but fall guys has the same map every time and it gets old soo... Yea.

INFINITY8 Moot Master 5mo 184 Selected Score

Uhm tbh I don't think it will last as long cause it gets repetitive


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