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QuestionReasons to join Star Knights

1. We are not toxic 2. We are fast editors 3. I have my very own made edit course for you guys to practice your edits 4. You can worm up with me anytime you want when I'm online 5. I can tell you how to double your edit speed 6. Sometimes i like to setup challenges for you guys and if you guys win the challenge you will win a mystery fortnite account or I can gift you guys anything you want from the itemshop 7. @everyone If you want to tryout let me know Join my discord server here: https://discord.gg/4PQC3Bk

JosephX71yt 1mo 21 read


lg deku Beginner 13d 0 Selected Score

can I try out my epic is roughae

JuJu Bean_iPadYT Beginner 20d 8 Selected Score

Point #4 do be kinda sus


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