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QuestionDoes any new Overwatch player want to play with me and my friends?

We need 2 healers, 2 tanks but my friend would be willing to play tank if someone wanted to be dps. I main widow. Any newer player welcome. We play on ps4, no Mic is required but at some point we'd do competitive and you could join our party. We're from North America, so someone from here would be better. Just be nice and encouraging we're chill people. 16+ preferably.

ImWaifUWU 3mo 77 read


SorryiamLate Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

That would be nice! All my friends are too sweaty but yeah that would be nice I can only play on weekends though. DM me if you want to play sometime!

SoraXasen Beginner 3mo 10 Selected Score

Hi I'm new in a way to the game I have not played since I got it I played for bit then dont know much about so I would love help and learning some of the games for different characters my playstyle is Support and tank


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