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QuestionAnyone hate Slime Climb?

Does anyone else have a strong hate for slime climb?

Slothi 5mo 135 read


CrypticKai Moot Master 5mo 167 Selected Score
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I would say I don’t hate slime climb, I do die sometimes to that one though. It’s definitely hard because of all of the people, especially when it’s in the beginning. I do think it’d annoying how it’s just an overflow of people barging in. It just depends on the day I guess.

mxtt Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

it’s not the worst

Jaxonian Dante Beginner 5mo 1 Selected Score

It is actually one of my favorite games in Fall Guys. I don't get why people hate it so much, its so much fun!

Gunman Beginner 5mo 6 Selected Score

It is the hardest mode, but i like it beacause all the noobs get rekt in there.


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