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QuestionWho Do You Hate the Most in RDR2?

In RDR2 there are lots of very hate able characters ranging from your own gang to the Pinkerton and people in side missions and Valentine. But my question is who do you hate the most?

DiscoDave 2mo 61 read


ButterdMcNuggets Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

Molly or Micah, hands down. Maybe even Abigail at early parts.

Pint Of Aids Beginner 2mo 7 Selected Score

micah easy he can go suck the thickest c0ck in the history of man kind

Rachel H Beginner 2mo 4 Selected Score

I am dying at this.

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Legochini Moot Master 2mo 218 Selected Score

I donno haven't played it yet

Chonky Penguin Beginner 2mo 19 Selected Score

Or Mary-Lin or whatever she was called.

Chonky Penguin Beginner 2mo 19 Selected Score

If it was RDO: Marcel. French guy I kidnapped... Don't want him RDR2 Storymode... Uncle. Like with Micah, at least his robbing people was fun and it needed a villain. I'll stick with Uncle.


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