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QuestionI am at a crossroads...

I probably have one the biggest love, hate relationship's with siege. Im back at a point in which im debating whether I should get back into it again for like the 8th time (Yes I know I have a problem, or many) I play the game for a little bit and then get to point where I take a break for months at a time. It's been like this since year 3 and ive even playing since year 1 the game just feels like its going downhill with each year but now they released that the next ops include Sam Fisher which sounds incredible not gonna lie. So should I start getting back into it again? Even though ill probably get angry again over something and quit *cough* nerfing mozzie and buck in the same day *cough*

Ghoulish Kagune 1mo 43 read


♡MakaylaMelody♡ Beginner 1mo 19 Selected Score

tbh if u stop playing ur not gonna perform as well as when u left off, and for many people, playing well is what makes the game so fun

Daf Pod Candidate Master 1mo 82 Selected Score

Only got back into it recently, took a season off...

ZombiE_Smasher19 Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

I had the same probkem as you and i took a break from the game for some months but when i got back to it, it felt fun again I also have another solution you can play ranked as it is for me more fun than casual either way we all support you in your decision.

mr slmander yt Beginner 1mo 3 Selected Score

Yes the game is sometimes irritating but try to do some meme stuff like only knife challenge or strat roulette it makes it to where you absolutely love it when you win the meme

Zoe. Grand Master 1mo 3,362 Selected Score

just download it back, there’s nothing to lose. I mean play a couple of games and if you get bored, then play something else for a while


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