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QuestionWhats the best way to get out of silver?

By this I mean team comps characters etc

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INFINITY8 Moot Master 5mo 184 Selected Score
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If I were you I would maybe get a partner or two to help on your journey even one more person helps alot because I know how rough that rank was I also wouldnt flex as hard as you probably do if you really want to climb stick to a couple characters good luck man!

OV3RDRIVE_00 Beginner 11d 0 Selected Score

Win games

Joelete70 Beginner 17d 0 Selected Score

Play badly and get to bronze, but then you will want to be in silver again.

Turin Beginner 5mo 3 Selected Score

depends on what role youre playing, if you shouldnt be in silver its easy to get out if you play a hero with strong carry potential eg roadhog, zarya, doomfist and widow, perhaps watch some others play to get a better idea on positioning too

Simpy Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

get carried

DabBoi_x Candidate Master 5mo 62 Selected Score

don't know haven't played in a year or 2

Jalenplayz Candidate Master 5mo 104 Selected Score

Simply find a go to team who knows how to play on of the roles and work together.


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