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What are your thoughts on the ranking system being removed..

Lamarr quair 2mo 37 read


space0bandito Beginner 8d 0 Selected Score

So far i feel like with crossplay enabled it's fine for me. I get paired up with people that seem to be about my skill level, sometimes the ranks are higher or lower but generally I feel like I'm never completely out matched. However, there have been some rounds where, I'm assuming it was a SWF group completely threw that system over because two of them were red rank sweat gamers and two were somewhat casuals and those reds stuck out like a sore thumb and reminded me on why I initially feared the rank-removal. But as long as those rounds remain the exception and not the norm, I dont think it'll be a problem; it just makes the whole Rank-system kind of useless, I always felt pip-ing and rank reset worked pretty well and made sure that people earned those purple/red rank titles and then went up against professional killers and so on so forth. TL; DR In killer rounds from green-to yellow rank I believe the change isnt to great, but the higher you go the more rainbow the round end screens become


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