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Questionwitch black ice is better mp7 or mp5

makenaxx 2mo 34 read


jazzydakitty Moot Master 2mo 294 Selected Score
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MP7. Bandit's gun in general is just so much better.

xsp4rrowx Beginner 2mo 9 Selected Score

MP7 all the way

Macken520 Beginner 2mo 4 Selected Score

Imaging not being level 149 and having no black ice like me lol

Infantry086 Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Mp5 for me

Very TangyYT Beginner 2mo 13 Selected Score

Depends on who you like more and who who ask, I say mp7 but I have a friend who likes mp5

Tookie_Fat Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

Mp5 definitely


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