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Question[R6S] Which Attacker | Defender do you hate the most, and why?

I've already asked some friends of mine & now I'm curious for your opinion as well! :)

Shadynx 1mo 44 read


CrypticEglaf Candidate Master 1mo 127 Selected Score
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I don’t typically hate any of the operators, but some are a nuisance to deal with though. For example, Blackbeard, he gets to get away with 4 headshots and still live so that’s pretty frustrating.

TLC_Fox_ Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

Attcker: Iana she is just useless its just a bigger and easier to hit drone! Defender: Wamai he is just a worse jager

SweatMonster Beginner 1mo 6 Selected Score

Attacker- BlackBeard, when he's rappelling it's near impossibile to contest it. Defense- Clash, easily. She's not even a good operator but oppressive AF.

BeanBoi Candidate Master 1mo 70 Selected Score

Defending is easily clash. She's not an op that requires skill to use. You just sit and taze people from a distance and your good. Attacker is ace. Ik you want to kill me but the ak has no recoil, and his ability is so good.

cycloneshock07 Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I’ve got to say Cav cause it annoying when your raging a good one

Daf Pod Candidate Master 1mo 82 Selected Score

Yes definitely ying

jazzydakitty Moot Master 1mo 294 Selected Score

Ying. Her ability is pretty OP and annoying, but most of all I hate the people who play her. All I ever see is toxic Ying mains and it makes me want to scream.


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