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QuestionIs it just me or is killjoy op?

tod 2mo 77 read


Xalia Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score
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She definitely is. My problem with her and raze both is that they both have so many devices and abilities that do so much damage. I have yet to see one character in Val have the same amount of abilities that damage so much. I've met inexperienced players who will rank up purely through the use of their devices and not skill. I don't mind the abilities as much as I mind the amount of damage that is done through them. They both need be nerfed/balanced!!

Nova1390 Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Yes she most definitely is her abilities are super simple and easy to get kills with especially her grenade definitely needs a nerf.

tod Beginner 2mo 38 Selected Score

I defiantly agree with you Xalia


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