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QuestionIf your team downs you and leaves you to fight 4 people then shit talk you for it, are they toxic?

They marked a place with loot so i could load up after my gulag and then they went pick me up in a heli when i didn’t want them to and that downs me when they hit the ground, then they revive me and leave me to fight a whole team while they fly off. and then they tell me i suck because i died. please tell me i didn’t do anything wrong

ChocoNuts2256 2mo 41 read


SN3AKY SH0TZ Beginner 2mo 7 Selected Score
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You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong! You chillin bro

XxBotlessxD Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Nah they toxic .

ll taliyxh ll Beginner 2mo 4 Selected Score

TOXIC in all caps, that's just wrong

Daf Pod Candidate Master 2mo 82 Selected Score

Bit of a noob you are... nah obviously they're just trolling you lol.


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