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QuestionWhy people use discord ?

I never understood how discord works or what it’s for. Can someone explain

DaddyLewisss 2mo 33 read


yote_that_yeet Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

Discord is basically a great way to connect to your community, play with friends or meet new people. I personally use discord for my own servers and for moderating aswell as some meme servers.

Majortangyo Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

Well in my opinion number one it's pretty much free unless you get the premium I don't even know what it is the premium called number two people have been using it since it came out and I think it was one of the first really game related and it was nice but it wasn't crappy.

DukeTekTV Beginner 2mo 9 Selected Score

Discord for life

Slapaf Beginner 2mo 21 Selected Score

The main use of it is for voice chat but people also host servers were other people can chat and then play games.

Zoe. Grand Master 2mo 3,360 Selected Score

It’s like ps party chat in a way. Makes everything easier

E.boy bull Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

It's for people that play pc games and so u can use voice call to talk to other people while playing

BeanBoi Candidate Master 2mo 68 Selected Score