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QuestionWhat black ice do you have

I only have aug black ice it sucks

Hi_therr_sir 12d 29 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 12d 3,292 Selected Score
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I don’t memorize which ones I ahve but I know I’ve got frost shotgun and mp5k

Deciever Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score

416-C Carbine, MP5, M1014 shotgun

Scraev Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score

9mm C1 (got it from my first Alpha Pack), MP5, MP5K and SMG-11

Slapaf Beginner 12d 21 Selected Score

A few bit my favourite is my Fmg black ice

DabBoi_x on Twitch Candidate Master 12d 61 Selected Score

none i think cuz i played only like a day on that game

Reign_Girl Beginner 12d 1 Selected Score

Ak12 and german shotgun!

Ap0ll0_11 Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score

P90, Mp7 ans Sa-sg 12


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