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QuestionWho has the best gun in r6s

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Bird:) 6d 37 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 6d 3,231 Selected Score
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I like nomads gun. No recoil

SweatMonster Beginner 5d 4 Selected Score

Maestro LMG, lmao.

SirToucan Beginner 5d 3 Selected Score

battery guy

Shaedy Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score


SaltyLemons Beginner 6d 1 Selected Score

IQ, 552 and G8 are great weapons

ɪɴᴋᴄʟᴀᴛ Beginner 6d 11 Selected Score

I personally think the MP5, I spawn peek with doc and rook all the time.

Reign_Girl Beginner 6d 1 Selected Score

Statistically it’s the AK12 cuz good damage and high rod with Jackals ar a close second. Third I would say twitchs gun

TuRtLeSpOjU Beginner 6d 3 Selected Score

Mute's all weapons altough the shotgun is the best

TMB Hellfire Beginner 6d 3 Selected Score

Really depends on the situation, ash AR for rushing IQ G8 for general usefulness Bandit MP7 for close range Rook/Doc mp5 for long range Tachanka LMG for being god tier 🤷‍♂️ just my thoughts


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