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QuestionSiege ps4

looking for high golds to plat and 1.00+ kd have mic

GOTEM_TwoTaps 13d 30 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 13d 3,302 Selected Score
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Nah me and my 0.7 kd be vibin

MR.CLEAN Beginner 13d 0 Selected Score

Heh I want to play with someone.. but the only problem is I'm bad. And I started not that long ago l. So I'm not ranked ....

Wackokev Beginner 13d 1 Selected Score

How about bo4 ?

^~^Snowy—Vibez^~^ Beginner 13d 0 Selected Score

I’ll only play if ur a champ cuz Iam one and I only play with champs


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