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QuestionGamer Girls WANTED!

Most gamer girls are really calm and relaxed most of the time so if you want to game with me here are the requirements 15-16 Not toxic Europe PlayStation Funny and good to talk to Not a backstabber Just to play with I play with too many boys

Tylerjames_royal 5d 32 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 5d 3,153 Selected Score
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Desperate much?

Tylerjames_royal Beginner 4d 6 Selected Score

Tinders for 17+ so ain’t getting on that anytime soon

Namuun Beginner 4d 4 Selected Score

this is a gaming app not a dating one, and ur probb 15/16? Just enjoy playing instead of worrying about girls😂

Knd Sinnergy Beginner 5d 1 Selected Score

this dude made requirements

ToxicThc Candidate Master 5d 109 Selected Score

Yikes it's moot not tinder :/


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