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QuestionThoughts on Ubisoft banning MnK players on Console?

Seen what they are planning to do and i’m pretty hyped but what you guys think?

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Deathscrusade 13d 24 read


GlancingChimp2 Beginner 12d 1 Selected Score
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Why play MnK when you can just play PC

jazzydakitty Moot Master 12d 285 Selected Score

Well, it is kind of OP, but they can't exactly detect when someone is using Mouse and Keyboard. They might false ban people who aren't using MnK. I, myself, have been accused of using MnK by multiple people when I don't.

RelaxJoshua Beginner 13d 20 Selected Score

I don't have a problem with mnk players all the ppl that complain about are stuck in plat 3 and gold. If you were actually good it wouldn't matter if you were playing mnk ppl


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