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QuestionWhat do you guys think about the silent hill addition to the game?

Max223560 4mo 76 read


SSHDZ Moot Master 4mo 162 Selected Score
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Silent hill, isn’t that a movie⁉️

XXXTOXICGGIRLXXX Beginner 3mo 4 Selected Score

Love pyramid head and the map they did excellent work on both :)

Jett529 Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

Rank 1 surv, and I think its amazing! The map is great, pyramid head is bad ass(not to mention his thicc ass). Haven't tried the new perks cause im set in my ways haha

Maddiee_Benzz Candidate Master 4mo 68 Selected Score

I honestly hate the map but everything elseis cool (I only dislike it bc its in a building)

FrosedIronMech Beginner 4mo 1 Selected Score


Max223560 Beginner 4mo 1 Selected Score

Yes it is also a game, and has been introduced to dead by daylight


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