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QuestionWho’s your favorite healer

Imma need some answers

Auto intel 2mo 43 read


WlCKED ANGEL Beginner 24d 3 Selected Score

Moira fer sure!! She has the best crowd healing output. Consistently get top fragged healer as her

Fanarexg Beginner 25d 0 Selected Score

Zenyatta and lucio,i been maining them since i got the game and still have so much fun and can still help out the team a whole lot

katiie Beginner 25d 1 Selected Score

Moira & Mercy. I’m currently practicing being a good battle Mercy & still healing everyone well

BleachedExpresso Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Baptiste. He is fun to play and can turn out a lot of healing in a short amount of time. Plus his immortality field can make for some awesome plays.

SerperiorUse_Rest Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Moira, good damage output and great escape tactics

Daf Pod Candidate Master 2mo 82 Selected Score

My man zenyatta


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