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QuestionWhat’s your opinion on the new rocket league update coming soon!!??

The persons who I like the best with the best opinion gets 2k most coins

Lythlx 2mo 38 read


BK_Yaboi Beginner 14d 0 Selected Score

Looks amazing but hopefully psyonix won't let us down again but new ranks hard reset hopefully will hit champ for the first time

Flashafry Beginner 2mo 10 Selected Score

I cant wait to see the new update, really have been waiting for it for a while!

TMB Hellfire Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

Can’t really say I’m over the moon with the update, already annoyed at psyonix for the way there handling the store.... watching people panic sell there items is hilarious, wont really affect me and my watermelons 🍉, but is going to be good for people who are looking for rare items to finish sets

crispyツ Beginner 2mo 14 Selected Score

pretty happy that it’s coming free. i have it on ps4 but ran out on ps+, so pretty happy it’s gunna be free on all things


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