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QuestionThe next 2 chapters are licensed,what movie or game characters do you want added? Dead By Daylight

Chukyalfo8 3mo 60 read


space0bandito Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Unlikey, but the bad guy (Ruvik) from evil within could be dope. I always loved his looks. But I think Pennywise is a good guess, or maybe something like Nemesis from Resident Evil

Lil Cipra Beginner 3mo 1 Selected Score

The best guesses which might happen and can be really good killers are Candyman and Pennywise My favourite is Pinhead but I can't think of any way he couldd be played

Scorp X Beginner 3mo 1 Selected Score

A Dark Souls boss or i don't have film ideas. Every good film has already a killer in DbD


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