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QuestionAnyone interested in a WarFriend?

I'm out of fun things to do alone in Warframe, and I'd love to meet some new people, make friends. I'm up for playing with new players as well.

BetaWiS 6mo 146 read


Selexia Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

Friends make grinding bearable

Spicy Ramen Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

I'll be any1s friend as long as your nice 🙂, my xbox gt is Crimson8knight, add me and I'll be down to play whenever I'm on.

xblitzen619x Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

I’m on pc but I’ll be your friend

Bukhariangod YT Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

hmu plzzz im always down for sum like dat

Micro_pop boy Beginner 5mo 2 Selected Score

Sure, My psn is spawnboy333

cxllum_playz Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

Sure, I play psn, dm me

EPOD_ThiccScythe Beginner 6mo 1 Selected Score

Hmu im on to it :3


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