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QuestionIs the new nether update going to include all the online stuff for ps4 like realms and servers?

Just wondering

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MikuIsLiterallyMe Beginner 2mo 8 Selected Score
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Not currently, bedrock edition (Android, IOS, Windows 10 Edition, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4) always delay their releases from Java edition (the original) as Java is the one they experiment with, Bedrock Edition is meant to be the new main game and will have the update in a very polished state, Java edition has had all the updates before Bedrock Edition

msleviathan Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Shit I hope so

SILENT KNIGHT Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

I can’t play on Emmy switch what can I do?

Malevollent Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

When is the update coming for Xbox

Marsila Abd Manap Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

No it will be not im copying what you say

Jackpugzo Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

No it will not be on ps4


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