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QuestionDiamond Casino Heist Setup Help

All of my friends that I play with on PS4 don't ever want to help with the guest set ups for the casino. So I was wondering if some of the amazing people on Moot would like to help me and I'll give you 50% or or 25% depending on how many people join. I am somewhat new to GTA but I have grinded hard and have everything to play the heist, I just simply need willing participants to help me with my journey. If you are interested you can contact me, but I only start playing games around 1:30 pm EST. Ah jeez this is going on for a while, so um - long story short add me on PS4 to play the Diamond Casino Heist, if you're willing to help out with the prep missions. PSN - Dead_Boi16 Requirements: - must have mic - good attitude - 13/17 years old (18+ is okay lol) - won't bail on the team - won't ask for any higher cut - add me on PSN

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