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QuestionWhats your play style in dbd

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I dont have a certain playstyle right now. I enjoy doing many things, though currently im learning how to loop better, so im mostly using kate for her windows of opportunity.

space0bandito Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

I switch up perks ever so often, but as survivor I can only tell you to have a mix of offensive and defensive perks, so say Iron will and Inner strength as defensive perks as decisive strike and Sprint burst as "offensive" perks. You dont really fight with those, but those counter the killer chasing you. I'd always put in an exhaustion perk, because otherwise you are wasting a mechanic of the game. And as killer I find it best to focus on making your perks work with each other, you can look up good perk builds on YouTube, but basically if you wanna slow gens, use four perks that will do that effectively and if you wanna slow healing, find survivors quicker or be faster pick general pick them to fit that goal instead. Well and memeing with friends is obviously a play style, so go ahead. Like all four survivors sabotaging hooks or healing each other real fast, nothing is funnier than coordination.

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I am an independent Feng Min! MY PERKS -Self Care. To heal myself after getting away -Lucky Break. So i won't leave a trail of blood -Sole Survivor. I am typically the last survivor so this for me is a must have -Déjà Vu. Because I like memes

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Uhh camp and mess up all the skill checks on accident cause I suck


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