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QuestionWhich one is better...

Sorry it doesn't have just ghost recon but I want to know which ghost recon you like more (woodland or breakpoint) I like breakpoint more probably because play it way more

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Both are just as good! I think I just love the concept of both games and the gameplay. (especially the melee animations) Wildlands gives you a hint of some of the story in 1 particular region: Bolivia. Your are a squad of 4 and your name is Nomad: the leader of the operation, then there is Midas, Holt, and my favorite: Weaver. Where as in Breakpoint you finally get to know more about Nomad, aka your character. (Sorry, I wrote a lot i just love the game)

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They are both similar and different, but I prefer wildlands

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I found breakpoint better. Mostly because it had a larger selection of firearms and the story was much more interesting. But thats just my opionion.

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Wildlands I feel more comfortable playing it

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I think its Wildlands because of the netter Story and more Variation of the nature


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