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QuestionIf you were in a 1v5 situation what OP would you wish you were? On r6

Of course

LOV_Raw357 24d 28 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 24d 3,142 Selected Score
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Probably nomad cause she’s my main. And if I’m on attack and they try to rush me but run into an airjab, it’s easy kills

AveriTwo Beginner 24d 0 Selected Score

Probably Doc just bc I could overstim or heal myself if needed. This would probably only happen though if I took the gunfights one on one and one at a time cause I’m trash😂.

DASAMEMEDUDE Beginner 24d 0 Selected Score

Either pulse or kapkan on defense or nomad or capatio on attack

Toxickill90 Beginner 24d 4 Selected Score

Your mom

gamer535317102 Beginner 24d 0 Selected Score

I would choose zofia for the gun and the utillity that she brings. I could blow open hatches and walls and use her concussion for intel.

NO NAME 24d 0 Selected Score

Hibana, Finka , or Ash

RukiyraSenpai Beginner 24d 6 Selected Score

Either finka or lion as they both have good guns able to take down many people at once. Finkas boost will definitely help in a fight and lions scanner to find people or keep them still to push.

LOV_Raw357 Beginner 24d 31 Selected Score

Smart girl


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