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Which legend would you say is the best for your skill set?

killermango679 24d 18 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 24d 3,066 Selected Score
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Lifeline cause I can’t kill so I just heal

♡Christa♡ Candidate Master 24d 57 Selected Score

I used to main Wattson but switched to lifeline because her buff (and because she’s cute af) I’m trying to learn Wraith though because my friend says I’ll be good at her.

YxngAndrea Candidate Master 24d 126 Selected Score

I play wraith, I just like how it’s possible to teleport mid battle and if you know how to place em in good places your probably going to win 😂

Carbra Beginner 24d 3 Selected Score

I like wraith and loba for their usefulness in the middle of a battle. They do be pretty slippery doe


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