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QuestionHow do you feel about Apex Legends Crossplay?

What is your opinion on Crossplay for Apex Legends

Shimleon 5mo 37 read


Prolific Beginner 5mo 4 Selected Score
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Pretty excited can’t wait to play with some homies on Xbox

DxN Cosmo Beginner 5mo 12 Selected Score

I'm pretty excited about cross play because now more people will play apex and you get to hang out with your friend on other consoles

hkardwst Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

It's amazing

Thickripz_ Beginner 5mo 1 Selected Score

biggest fails I’ve ever seen

Ansboon Beginner 5mo 20 Selected Score

It's always hard because of difrences with Fps like always

Toilini Beginner 5mo 7 Selected Score

I rely dont want to encounter PC sweatys but at the same time I wanna play with my friends who have xbox 😳


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