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QuestionOverwatch Rank anyone?

I know there are lots of people who dont play Overwatch competitive, but Im curious. Whats your rank in Overwatch for support, tank, and dps?

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Jorkier 7mo 83 read


Heheh smiley face Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

Idk you guess

SevenXanPizzaMan Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

Top 500 Support, Master Damage, Diamond Tank

Hyp3r_pax Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

I am a low plat as healer, mid plat as tank and low dimoand with dps

McSwitch Candidate Master 7mo 97 Selected Score

I usually rank high plat, but I quit trying to go for diamond because I'd rather jump off the Golden gate bridge then ever play ow ranked again


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