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QuestionBest Barrel Attachment?

So I have a question. Among the overall Siege player base, what is the best barrel attachment overall and why?

OG_Void 25d 27 read


WarlikeSquash46 Beginner 25d 0 Selected Score

Overall I think its the compensator is the best. On defence suppressor is good on some guns, but compensator is really good on all the guns. It decreases recoil by quite a bit.

ToxicThc Candidate Master 25d 109 Selected Score

Muzzle on most of them because the first three shots matter the most and those are the ones that don't have any recoil so that's why it's on the majority of my guns

XxTheL3gendxX Beginner 25d 0 Selected Score


Frost1420 Beginner 25d 5 Selected Score

It really depends on the weapon man Muzzle: reduces vertical recoil Compensator: reduces horizontal recoil Flash hider: reduces both vertical and horizontal If you want to know what’s the best for certain guns dm me


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